In this post I am going to talk about my mom.

Do you have a mom who, no matter when, corrects your typos, texting language like IDK, watchin’, ya’ll, etc. If no, good for you! My mom’s an editor. You get my point, right? Even while chatting, where typos and all the abbreviations are the language, She makes sure there is no typo, all the names are starting with a capital letter,etc.

If my Mom edits write a Rap song it would something like this:


Hey bro, Why yo beatin’ my Homies?

Yo wanna beat somebody, beat me!

Never beat mah Homies.

Cuz, de work for Me.



Hey brother, Why are you beating my Homies?

You want to beat somebody, beat me!

Never beat my Homies.

Because they work for Me.


Now , imagine K’naan rapping the aftermath of my Mom’s editing!

Anyway, “Never mess around, with your English, when Corrector Mom is Around!”


One thought on “Corrector Mom

  1. hahahahahaha You made the point!!! In between, did you know that within the African American community, from where rap language has its origins, the grammar rules is very different from American English grammar rules? Hence tell your mom that the rap song is grammatically perfect and spelling is as it should be within that community.

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